At Oceans SRB, we  follow the Norfolk County Council admissions procedure. For more information please visit the Norfolk County Council website here. 

To make a referral please follow this link. 

The admissions process for specialist resource bases (SRBs):

  • Is started by your child’s current school
  • Follows a discussion with the class teacher and SENCo (Special Education Coordinator) or a review meeting if your child already has an Education, Health and Care Plan

You do not need an Education, Health and Care Plan to access SRB places.

Sessional placements

For Learning and Cognition, Speech, Language and Communication and Social. Emotional and Mental Health SRBs, children remain on the roll of the home school. They attend the SRB in varying amounts of time throughout the week for a period of two to four terms.

Permanent placements

You can request a referral for a permanent place at a Deaf base or autism base. If successful your child will move schools and if they have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) the school will be named.

It’s important if your child has an EHCP that the school invite your child’s education, health and care plan (EHCP) coordinator to any meeting where a potential specialist school place is discussed. They are experienced and knowledgeable and can offer advice.

How admissions are decided

Before a request is made the child’s current school must contact the base lead teacher to make sure information is shared. A visit by a member of the base or supporting professional should be made to observe the pupil.

All referrals are then discussed at an admissions meeting every half term by a panel (group) of professionals. The panel includes Base Lead teachers, Special School teachers, Educational Psychologists and other professionals.

Deaf Resource, Autism and SEMH panels are chaired by a Local Authority representative. They will have an in-depth discussion about your child to decide if a base will best meet their needs. 

Everyone will decide together, using the paperwork that has already been prepared and circulated including observation notes. The decision may be deferred if the base is full and an offer could be made at a later date.

If this happens other bases may be considered and offered. The most local base to the child’s home will always be prioritised.

If a place is not offered a reason will be given and shared in a following letter.

How to query a decision

If you’re not happy with the decision made contact your school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator, or if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, contact your Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator.