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Rollesby C.P School Opened in 1923


Mr. Greengrass (builder), Mr William Allard (manager), Mr Cooke (EDP Editor),MR Sidney Gaze (manager), Mr. Starling (engineer), Mr. Copeman (C.E.O). Revd. Richard Tacon (rector), Mr. Turkin (Councillor), Mr Turrell (councillor)

We had a wonderful day celebrating our school’s centenary on Monday March 6th. Our lovely school was first opened in 1923, and dozens of our past pupils joined us to mark our first 100 years!

The school hall was packed all day with former students whose collective memory spanned almost all of the school’s hundred years.

Ninety-two year old Ann Bates cut the centenary birthday cake. Ann first attended the school in 1936, her mother having been a teacher at the school when it first opened in 1923.

Many of Ann’s contemporaries were at the event too – one photo from 1945 attracting particular attention as several former classmates, all aged around 90, were reunited after almost 80 years.

An exhibition of photographs and archive material was put together by Rollesby historian Glenda Tooke, with the assistance of former headteachers, Diane Jary and Sue Pickles, and school historian Barbara Woodrow.

The children also contributed their own historical research on the many display boards which visitors pored over through the day.

“It has been wonderful to see the joy today has brought to so many former pupils of our school,” said executive headteacher Jonathan Rice.

“We never dreamt there would be so many visitors. People have been pouring through the doors all day and there have been so many extraordinary conversations between people who, in some cases, haven’t seen each other for many years.

“It shows what a special place the school has in the heart of the community.”

The school is indebted to Glenda Tooke for putting together such a fascinating collection of photographs from the earliest years of the school’s history, to complement the school’s own archives.