Key Drivers: Independence,  Diversity,  Community, Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Inclusivity.

Curriculum vision at Rollesby Primary with Nursery School


At Rollesby Primary School with Nursery our curriculum is designed to develop our pupils as individuals. We provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum for all our learners. Our curriculum is designed with progression and knowledge at its heart to ensure that our pupils’ education is underpinned by the strong building blocks needed to allow them to continue their learning journey successfully. 

Long Term plans


Each Key Stage studies one theme per term or half-term (half termly for EYFS and KS1, who follow a 3 year rolling programme, and termly for KS2, who follow a 4 year rolling programme). Because of this, progression in learning and skills is key to our planning. 

EVERY subject area and theme is built on clear learning sequences in which teachers check prior knowledge, identify misconceptions as well as weave in regular assessment for learning opportunities.  These sequences build both knowledge and skills. 

Each theme provides cross curricular learning opportunities that create exciting  experiences that promote the “joining up” of learning from different subject disciplines. We secure the children’s knowledge through interesting and inspiring activities based on the National Curriculum; these require the children to think deeply about what they are learning and to consider how this fits into the wider world. We link our English “Power of Reading” book choices to feed deeper into the theme of the term. Reading and phonics are taught separately in EYFS and KS1 through Read, Write Inc.  

We aim to enrich the curriculum with outside providers, trips and visits, celebration days, whole school themed weeks and extra–curricular opportunities. This gives context to learning and also shows our pupils that education is relevant through memorable experiences. We include both off and on-site experiences in our curriculum and make the most of what we have locally, for example local businesses such as Tacons and the Pavillion as well as close links with the local church. We have made informed choices about what experiences we want to include in our curriculum and how they build over time. Visits are carefully planned and enhance learning, complementing themes being studied. 

Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to learn about their mental and physical health and to take part in numerous organised sports activities; this includes sailing with the local sailing club on Filby Broad. These events promote both teamwork and collaboration skills as well as individual independence. We also include opportunities for our pupils to learn how to keep themselves safe in all areas of life. An important element of this includes safety on-line when communicating using technology.

British Values are promoted in school during whole school assemblies which cover themes such as democracy, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. We also ensure that the celebrations of other faiths and significant national events are recognised to ensure that our pupils have a full understanding of diversity and why these things are celebrated; this links to their significance in our history and culture as well as national and world diversity. 


We monitor the impact of our curriculum in a number of ways. We use both formal and informal assessment.  

Reading is taught in EYFS and KS1 through Read, Write Inc.  Progress is monitored half termly to ensure teaching is appropriately challenging and matched to the pupils needs.  

English and Maths across KS1 and 2 are assessed using PiXL; the information from these assessments is used to inform future planning and ensure progress is being made.

Many of our foundation subjects end with a “big question” which is answered as a double page spread assessment at the end of the unit. This assesses knowledge, learning and vocabulary through a creative and engaging finale.

The impact of our curriculum is also monitored in a number of other ways such as speaking to the pupils about their learning experiences and adjusting our curriculum to best meet the needs of our pupils where appropriate. This ensures that we are constantly striving for improvement, adapting what we teach to ensure that our curriculum is the best it can be.  

Through our exciting, stimulating and challenging curriculum we aim for every child to enjoy learning and gain knowledge, skills and attributes which will enable them to lead happy, fulfilling and successful lives in the future. We live in an ever changing world and it is our aim to ensure that our pupils are ready to face these challenges and succeed in whatever they do. 

Curriculum Areas

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