Please contact Norfolk County Council to find more information concerning our admission arrangements.

Infant with Nursery

Caister Infant with Nursery School has 16 places for two year olds in FS1 (Foundation Stage 1) and 52 places for three and four year olds.
The school holds two waiting lists for admission to nursery – one for children waiting for a funded school nursery place and one for two year olds.
For a funded place, most children will start in September, but additional children may be admitted in January and April if there are still spaces available. Two-year-olds may take up a place as soon as a space is available anytime throughout the year.
For more information regarding funding and charges for additional sessions please contact the office:



In Caister Junior School, we have 12 classes covering 360 pupils in four year groups; in Years 3 and 4 we learn in mixed ability classes, while in Years 5 & 6 we group children according to their prior attainment for English and Maths.
We supplement this learning with interventions where they are needed to ensure everyone’s individual learning needs are catered for.



Towards the end of the summer term all new intake children have the opportunity to spend two days at the school: meeting teachers, looking around the school and working on challenges in preparation for the September transfer. If you are moving into the area and want to send your child to Caister Primary Federation, please contact the Head of Central Services for an appointment. You will be given the opportunity to view the school, complete admissions documents and receive a prospectus.

The school’s admission limit for 2019/20, agreed with the Children’s Services, is 90 children per year group. In the event of over subscription, preference will be given to children living nearer to the school according to the following criteria, in order of priority.
Children living within the designated area served by the schools who:

• Children with a statement of special needs
• Children looked after by the Local Authority
• Have a sibling attending the school at the time of their admission
• Have a sibling attending either school
• Have no sibling connection with either school Children living outside the designated area served by the school who:
• Have an older brother or sister attending at the time of admission.
• Have a sibling attending the adjoining Infant School
• Have no sibling connection with the Junior School or Infant School
• Have medical conditions resulting in them being recommended by a doctor to attend the school.

If a request for admission is refused, parents have the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel.