Federation Update

Dear Parents/Carers,
As you know the Junior and Infant school, with the assistance of the Local Authority have
been in discussions looking at the possibility of whether both schools should federate.
Part of this process was to conduct a series of consultation meetings with parents /carers
and all interested stakeholders so they could provide both schools and with their views
and ask questions relating to the federation. We also sent out a brief document to
capture these views on whether to federate or not.

On 29th April , both Governing Boards met to review all submitted responses and then
vote independently on whether to proceed and federate. I am delighted to be able to say
that both Governing Boards voted unanimously to federate. We will therefore act upon
this vote and have this process completed for the start of the new school year in

It was noted during the consultation that there was a real demand to know what the
new structure of the federation would look like. We can now inform everyone that the
new executive structure will be the following:


Executive Headteacher
Head of School (Infants) Head of School (Juniors)
Assistant Headteacher Assistant Head teacher


The next phase of federating will be for both Governing Boards to disband and to then
allow any interested people to stand for election on to the new federated Governing
Board. Details on this will be provided soon.

Looking ahead, the next few months will be very exciting, as it secures the joint working
relationship between the two schools, which will only help to improve the educational
journey for all our pupils.

Peter and I would like to thank staff from both schools, local authority representatives
and both Governing bodies who have been involved in all the meetings over the last few

With Regards,
Peter Lamble Chair of Governors CIS
Rob Bush Chair of Governors CJS