Welcome to Year 3:  

The first step in the Junior School learning journey!   

In Year 3, all the staff are dedicated to supporting the children’s transition between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It is during this year that children will be encouraged and begin to become more independent within their learning and themselves whilst continuing to develop their love of learning. Over the year, there will be fantastic opportunities for each child to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the world and their own personal development through our exciting and engaging topics. 

Let the learning begin:  

In Year 3 we explore an exciting variety of topics. From keeping our bodies healthy to the formation and life cycle of plants. Travelling back in time to the life of Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age people, the adventures of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and travelling across seas to study the continent of Africa, past and present. Developing skills in textiles and mechanical systems and understanding the process of colour and medium selection to create a piece of artwork. 

Supporting your child at home:  

To support your child at home, could you please listen to your child read at home daily and encourage them to practise TTRockstars. There are also some spellings in the front of their reading records for them to learn at home. 

We look forward to all of the opportunities through Year 3, seeing each child make progress academically and grow in their character and personality. 

Year 3 meet people from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Highlights from the Year 3 residential trip to Eaton Vale.