Welcome to the Year 4 page where we are continuing our exciting journey through KS2. We’ve had a fantastic year so far and children have been growing and develop their skills and love of learning. There will continue to be fantastic opportunities for each child to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the world and their own personal development.

We have a great selection of exciting topics to look at in Year 4. We have started the year looking at various explorers throughout history. In Spring, we are learning about Ancient Rome and have a wide variety of experiences planned for the children to enjoy. In the Summer term, we will learn about Ancient Greece, learning about key events, ideas, and it’s impact on the world today.

In Science, we will be investigating and learning about a variety of topics such as the environment, animals and habitats, electricity, states of matter, and sound. The children have enjoyed lots of investigations and experiments so far and we have lots more engaging activities planned.

We have done lots of outdoor learning this year so far and will be continuing to do so along with trips to the beach and the Roman Ruins.

To support your child at home, could you please listen to your child read at home daily and encourage them to practise TTRockstars. There are also some spellings in the front of their reading records for them to learn at home.

We look forward to all of the opportunities through Year 4, seeing each child make progress academically and grow in their character and personality.

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