Our year 5 team is made up of:
5JK – Mrs Kitchen,
Mrs Bartram & Mrs Gawthrop
5B – Mrs Barnard,
Mrs Anderson
6m – Mrs Manning,
Year 5 HLTA,
Mrs Hackford

Welcome to Year 5:

The first step in the upper school learning journey!  

Here in Year 5 our teaching staff: Mrs Kitchen, Mrs Manning and Mrs Barnard are here to support the children’s transition between lower and upper school. While all year groups are equally as valued it is in this year group that children begin their preparation for their final year of Junior School; including their SATs. A ‘step up’ in academic challenges which rewards hard work and perseverance with opportunity and personal growth. 

Let the learning begin: 

In Year 5 we explore an exciting variety of topics to deliver curriculum knowledge. From the life and times of the Shang Dynasty to farming around the world. From the stunning designs of Greek architecture to the far reaches of our Solar System. Year 5 delivers a great mixture of new and challenging content to stretch and develop the imagination of our learners. 

Adventures in Year 5: 

Extending the  learning of pupils outside of the classroom, Year 5 pupils will take parts in educational trips and residentials which include; a day to the Tower of London, and our residential is in the Peak District at Edale Youth Hostel where pupils will take part in outdoor adventures; developing knowledge and creating fond memories. 

Year 5 upholds our school’s values for creating independent, confident, and valued learners. In preparing for the challenges ahead we encourage a strong sense of team spirit, embraced creative thinking and passionate ‘can do’ attitude.