Our year 6 team is made up of:
6T – Miss Tate,
Miss Porter, 
6B – Mr Bartram,
 Mrs L Blake
6W – Mrs Warner,
Mrs Hodds
Year 6 HLTA,
Mrs Hobdell
In the Autumn Year 6, the children will be learning about the first world war in their history lessons. They will discover why the war happened and the impact it had on people’s lives across the globe. In geography we will be looking at a unit called ‘Our Changing World’ where we shall focus on map skills and the features of the Earth. In the first half term, the children will be learning about structural engineering with a focus on bridges. In Art, we will at Impressionism and have a go at recreating Monet’s Japanese Footbridge painting. The children will look at the circulatory system in great detail and learn about what we eat and how much we exercise effects their bodies.
In Spring term, we will be looking at a Geography unit called Frozen Kingdoms where the children will be learning about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them. In science we will be learning about electricity and how it works. Following on from our learning about Britain at War, in the Spring term we look in detail at the Second World War. We will link this to our DT unit by doing some make do and mend sewing. The children create their own teddy bears!

After the SATS, we begin High School transition. This includes transition weeks in the local high schools and transition units in English and Maths. We also have some exciting trips to celebrate their achievements. These include our residential to London and our fun day out at Pleasurewood Hills. At the end of the year, we celebrate by having a leaver’s assembly, a leaver’s festival and a water fight. We try to make the last year at junior school special so the children leave with lasting memories.